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Only 59 seconds separate you from receiving the prize!Important

9 July 2017, 21:55

enlightened We announce the competition for the most creative video! enlightened


mail The video should be SHORT, up to 1 minute and start with the words:

"I'm investing with the Diversifiсator Online, because ..."

mail In the video, you should briefly, but sincerely tell, why you investing to Diversificator Online.

mail Be creative - record video on the beach, in the car, on a boat, in a parachute jump or sitting on an elephant or camel!

mail Video longer than 59 seconds we have to cut, because we are preparing large-scale advertising campaigns in Instagram, and Instagram allows video no longer than 1 minute. Also with these short videos we will create cool video collage for YouTube, in which you can see participants from different countries, cities and continents!

mail We reserve the right to start using your videos for promotional purposes before the results of the contest are summed up.

mail Video is accepted from July 10 to August 10 inclusive.

The result will be announced on August 11 and published in all News channels and Diversificator Online groups.

enlightened1st place - $ 200enlightened

enlightened2nd place - $ 150enlightened

enlightened3rd place - $ 100enlightened

enlightened4-5 places - $ 25 enlightened

(Prizes will be credited to your balance in your personal account.

You can either withdraw or invest your winnings.wink

We are looking forward to to seeing your video on the email: bonus@divesificator.online) )


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