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What is Diversificator.online service ?

This is an online platform for generating the profits by union of pooling investors funds to assets, distributed between three different brunches. The Management Company carries out financial management, aimed at increasing the property value of the fund, making a profit at the same time. Profit, in its turn, distributed among the participants according to their investment plans.

What is the essence of your service?

Our service facilitates the management of funds for the investors through diversification into different areas, not related to each other. This reduces investment risks and increase the profitability of the assets.

Is it safe to invest to Diversificator.online?

Our platform was created by experienced professionals, each of whom is spetsilistom in own field. No one can be an expert in all areas at the same time, so the trust reduces the maximum level of incompetence and stabilize your income. We use an encrypted connection on all pages of the site, as well as the best ways information protection. So your data and your funds are completely safe.

How can I invest with Diversificator.online?

To make a investment you must first become a member of Diversificator.online. Once you are signed up, you can make your first deposit. All deposits must be made through "My Account". You can login using the member username and password you receive when signup.

Where the funds that I invest in your service will be converted into?

All contributions of the investors are divided into 3 parts: “Trademan” sector - trading on the International Currency Exchange Market, the second “Investguru” engaged in portfolio investments, and, finally, the third “Cryptoman”- cryptocurrency mining and trading.

What interest can I expect by investing to Diversificator?

There are four investment plans in services Diversificator.online with a yield of 1% to 10% per day. Get acquainted with profitability of the plans and pre-calculate your profit in the section For Investors.

Which currencies do you accept?

To top up balance you can either exchange, using for this purpose the proposed payment system. All calculations within the system are in dollars.

If there a minimum / maximum amount of funds to cash in?

There is no any restrictions on the amount of deposit. You can put any sum to the balance, and then distribute them among investment plans. The investment plans have limits on the minimum and maximum amount of investment. More information about these limits, you can see in the section For Investors.

If there a minimum / maximum amount of funds to cash out?

The limit of funds to cash out depends on conditions of e-payment system.

Which e-payment system can I use for cash in or cash out?

At the moment, we are working with PerfectMoney, Payeer, YeandexMoney, AdvCash, Bitcoin, but other payment systems will be added in the nearest future.

How can I get charged interest?

Accrual of interest occurs every calendar day or at the end of the period, depending on the investment plan. Accrued interest is available for output from the EPS which are available in "My Account" of the investor. Payment is processed manually by service specialist within 24 hours after sending the application by the Investor.

What if I do not want to cash out the interest, but I want to continue to invest?

In this case, the amount of accrued interest, you can invest further to all available investment plans, which will also go to the accrual of interest.

What are the guarantees of a refund, which I put into the service?

Based on the Rules and agreements and the investment rules, we can guarantee safety and return on investment for investors of our service.

I have a friend, he also wants to become an investor, can I invite him, and what I get for this?

It is possible, and even necessary! Our service provides a system of rewards for the invitation of new investors, in other words, the affiliate program. The personal account has a section "Affiliate", which has your affiliate link, which should give you the invited person for registration. If he/she invests, you get the balance of the percentage of its value. These funds will be available for withdrawal or for investment.

What if I forgot my password?

Click "forgot password" link, type your username or e-mail and you'll receive your account information.

I would like to use this form, but also I forgot my e-mail, what will happen to my money?

Contact the Support by filling the form, we will solve this problem together.

Can I have multiple open accounts in the system?

Each registered investor has the right to register only one account and have it directly to create an unlimited number of deposits. Multi-accounts are prohibited. Funds on such accounts will be frozen, and the access is blocked. If you suspect fraud, or create a multi-accounts the company has the right to block or prevent access to the investor's account.

I have not found an answer to my question.

Do not worry - contact us with Customer Support Diversificator.online service. You can do this by creating a "ticket" in "My Account", or via the feedback form in the "Contact Us" on our website.