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diversificatorOur References

Representative affiliate program

1Bonus for the video-reviewMore detailsOnly once! Bonus Deposit 11-111 $

Follow the order and get the Bonus Deposit:

1. Register on our site

2. Make a video review our project in free style. Share your video minimum on tree resourses (e.g.: YouTube, blog, page in social nets)

3. Send request for the Bonus to the email

Request example:
Write in the message subjet: Bonus for the video review
Hightlight on the message: your login on the and the link to the video review

The conditions required:
All participants will get the Bonus Deposits. The best video reviews will be sent to the NEWS section and our socials publics. So do not forget to give the link to your video.

- Minimum length of video review: 1 min.
- In the video you should positively respond about our project
- In the video you should show the transaction page, confirming the withdrawal of funds from the project
- Video must have a name that includes the name of the project and some key phrase
- The video must have a description that includes the project name and other related keywords
- The video should indicate the key words related to investing
- Video must have a clickable prepared cover
- When placed in social. Networks, in the description of the video must be written hashtags related to investment.

Look for an example video of one of our investors:
Diversificator online. Withdrawing money. All the truth. Diversifier online reviews

2Bonus for our baner on your web rosourseMore detailsOnly once! Bonus deposit 11-111 $

Follow the order and get the Bonus Deposit:

1. Register on our site.

2. Download the baner from "My Account" (Promotional Tools) and place on your web site.

3. Send request for the Bonus to the email

Request example:
Write in the message subjet: Bonus for the baner on my web site
Hightlight on the message:your login on the
the link to your pageyour web site, where you have placed the baner.

The conditions required:
The size of the deposit depends on your web site specifics.
The Bonus Deposit amount from 11 to 111 $ and will be sent to your name on the only.
The baner must have been placed for the mounth. In other case the Bonus Deposit will be canceled.

3Write the article and get the Bonus More detailsBonus Deposit 11-111 $.

We ready to give you the Bonus for the article.
Follow the order and get the Bonus Deposit:

1. Sign up our site.

2. Write interesting article

Requirements fot the article:

Subject: investments, diversification, automatizationof the investments etc. but around our project only! The article should be interesting, informative and useful!

Length: 1500 – 2000 symbols

Images: Not required, but welcomed.

Keys: The article should include the keywords. There is no nessesity to use every keyword. The text should be firstly readable, only then optimized for search engines.

Diversification of deposits, diversification of risks, diversificator, diversifikator, mutual fund, investment, investments, contributions, invest, investor, passive income, investment project, investment in the Internet, Internet, money at interest, share, buy shares, work at home, make money on the internet, the internet income, income from contributions, investments with credit cards, income from credit cards, safe investments, online investment, investment online investment without risk, income online, online business, online investments

Unique text (We will check)

3. Send the Bonus request to email:

Request example:
Write in the message subjet: Bonus for the article
Hightlight on the message:your login on the and attach the file with the article (*.doc или *docx), attach the images if you have.

The conditions required:
The Bonus Deposit will get only that partisipants who obeied all rules .
If your article placed in the NEWS section, you will get the Bonus for sure!
The Bonus request should be sent to the email only. Request must be written by the example only. The other format of the message will be IGNORED.
You will get the Bonus for sure if your article suits for our Requirements. And you will find your article in NEWS section.
The Bonus will be sent after the publication only.

"List of published articles"

Why did I choose the investment project !? - See more at: (author: Serg5)

«The ideas list for articles»

Automatizationof the Investments;
Methods of diversification in investing;
How not to burn down along investing;
The basic rules of investing

The system of the once Bonus Deposit

We have 10 categories the Bonus Deposits. The Bonus Deposit will get only active participants of the project. The expiry term of the Bonus Deposit 42 or 20 days. Those participant, who got the Bonus Deposit will get the Daily Profit accordingly the Deposit category.

The Deposit category defined by specialists who evaluate the quality of your job, the quality of your resource (the web site), if it is related to the placement of the articles, banners, videos, as well as how promoted your youtube-channels and pages on social networks are. ( The Bonus Deposit table is below )

Deposit Category Daily,$      Total, $
Bonus 110.11$13.2$
Bonus 220.22$26.4$
Bonus 330.33$39.6$
Bonus 440.44$52.8$
Bonus 550.55$66$
Bonus 660.66$79.2$
Bonus 770.77$92.4$
Bonus 880.88$105.6$
Bonus 990.99$118.8$
Bonus 1111.11$150$

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