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The Company Diversificator Online Limited actually formed discreetly, quietly and logically within a small team of online entrepreneurs and investors. Entrepreneurs and businessmen are sane people and therefore, sooner or later, realize that the earned money does not need to be stored under the pillow, but invested. Along the investment activity, especially the first failures and losses, comes the understanding that it is n tot good decision to put all the funds to one sphere. Investmets should be distributed, thereby diversifying the risks.And so in 2014 Diversificator project appeared. But he worked the first 3 years, with neither your site nor clear rules, so to speak "on a napkin" for a small partnership.And now, after 3 years of one of the teams suddenly, quite unexpectedly came up with brilliant idea! Why not to "pack" our child in a public platform for investment? After all, if we have a long time to successfully multiply our money by making ivestment process more simple, clear, profitable and safe, then other people would be happy to invest under this scheme! It remains only to give a "hard shell" system and create conditions and proposal.
Now Diversificator has not only a full-fledged weblatform for investment, but also all the legal permits to legally conduct of investment activities.

"Diversificator": what is the essence of the system?

The idea investment diversification is very simple and logical. All contributions of the investors are divided into 3 parts, each is sent for the "multiplication" in its own sector. Investment sectors, you guessed is - three. The first investment sector - "TRADEMAN", second investment sector - "INVESTGURU", third sector investment - "CRYPTOMAN".

1. The investment sector "TRADEMAN"

The investment sector "TRADEMAN" deals exclusively with classical trading of currency pairs. The stock market is not involved, since it is less volatile and implies a longer investment compared with the currency market. Exotic currency also is not included into transactions portfolio, as well, and intraday trading in the scalping style. We work mainly with these currency pairs:EUR/USD, EUR/GBP, EUR/JPY, GBP/USD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY on the medium- and long positions.

2. The investment sector "INVESTGURU"

The investment sector "INVESTGURU" invests in other investment projects, forming and constantly optimizing the portfolio, which includes at least 30 investment projects. Adding projects to the list only after careful and multifaceted analysis. We never invest to the fast projects, but only in the medium and low-yielding. Such investments are undeniably high-risk, so our main asset is the experience and tough strategy that excludes any emotional decisions.

3. The investment sector "CRYPTOMAN"

The investment sector "CRYPTOMAN" works exclusively with cryptocurrency and, in fact, still divided into 2 sub-sectors: one of them is engaged in mining cryptocurrency and the second to the trading on the stock exchange, but works exclusively with cryptocurrency. Nowdas cryptocurrency became the firmly part of our lives, and now ruled her out of the field of view of the investment is simply unreasonable. Although,3 years ago, at the beginning of the origin of our Diversificator, we strongly doubted and debated on this topic. But now we have "firmly entrenched" to work with the crypt and consider it one of the most effective investment decisions.

How to use the investment sectors?

It is very simple and easy to use! We have formed 4 investment plans: START, BUSINESS, INVESTOR, VIP. For investing just enough to sign up the project, top up your internal account and invest in one of the proposed investment plans. The logic is simple: the higher the investment plan, the more diversification instruments are involved in it, and consequently, it is more profitable and more stable.

If you want to start investing to one of the plans, you should SIGN UP.